Kozhikode, INDIA

Population: 600,000

Brief: Compassionate Kozhikode is located in Kozhikode, also known as Calicut. It is a city in Northern Kerala (India). Kozhikode was the first place in South India to start a palliative care service. The program started in 1993 and later developed further to have a regular outpatient clinic, inpatient unit, eight home care units, and a training centre. One of the eight home care units is a 24/7 home care program. Programs are supported by trained volunteers, the majority of whom are young people. These activities are coordinated by Institute of Palliative Medicine (www.instituteofpalliativemedicine.org) In 2015, the District Administration decided to build further activities on this social capital and floated a platform called ‘Compassionate Kozhikode’. This programme included other marginalised groups such as older people, differently abled, and people with mental illness, all under the umbrella of compassionate care through community participation. The program is three years old now. Regular community support is being provided to the inmates of the Mental Hospitals in the city. A project for community-based rehabilitation of people chronic psychiatric illness is in the preparatory phase. A major program to mainstream differently abled people is on. A platform called Campuses of Kozhikode has been set up to involve students in these activities. 68 academic institutions have already joined the program. 3000 students from these institutions are registered volunteers for the Compassionate Kozhikode program. Compassionate Kozhikode platform is managed by an informal committee led by the District Collector (Administrative Head of the District), Kozhikode.

Contact Person and Email: District Collector, Kozhikode  <dckzk.ker@nic.in> 

Website: www.compassionatekozhikode.in                  


Inverclyde, SCOTLAND, UK

Population: 80,000

Project Description: Compassionate Inverclyde is a local community development approach to building a compassionate community. Every aspect of Compassionate Inverclyde has been organically grown and developed following public conversations and engagement. The focus of development has been to enhance community capacity by developing and supporting social networks this includes peer and community support. Community engagement and development has been carried out across all age groups and organisations within Inverclyde  involving schools, churches, workplaces, community centres, hospital, local hospice, youth groups and voluntary organisations. Compassionate Inverclyde is governed by a board made up with representatives from the local community organisations and is chaired by the Chief Officer of the local Health and Social Care Partnership. 

Contact person and email: Alison Bunce alison.bunce@ardhosp.co.uk

Website address: Compassionate Inverclyde facebook page


Cologne, GERMANY

Population: One million

Brief: Cologne has 1 Million inhabitants and a catchment area of about 6 Million inhabitants. Cologne has a long tradition of welcoming immigrants, and was the home of Germany´s first palliative care unit. In 2018 we plan to establish a participatory communal "Round Table" moderated by the City of Cologne and the Palliative and Hospice Network Cologne to discuss the current status and future development towards a "Caring Community Cologne" welcoming all relevant and interested stakeholders. In addition, we have applied for a major research grant. If granted (decision pending), this would allow us to base the discussion at the Round Table on research data from Cologne inhabitants and organisations, and would enable an external evaluation of our process.

Contact Person and Email: Prof. Dr. Raymond Voltz raymond.voltz@uk-koeln.de

Website: Not available