Council Members were elected at the 4th International Public Health and Palliative Care conference in Bristol 2015.

Deadline for nominations to the council is June 24, 2019. For more information about council roles and terms, please consult the Constitution of the Association. Confidential enquiries or questions about any role can be directed to the current president, Professor Allan Kellehear (

  • President - Prof Allan Kellehear (UK). Term ending October 2019

  • Vice President - Dr Julian Abel (UK). Term ending October 2019

  • Treasurer - Peter Ellis (UK). Term ending October 2019

  • Membership Secretary - Bonnie Tompkins (Canada). Term ending October 2021

  • General Secretary - Krystyna Kongats (Canada). Term ending October 2021

  • Webmaster - Kerrie Noonan (Australia). Term ending October 2019

  • Regional Representative (Ordinary Member) - Dr Denise Marshall (Canada).

  • Postgrad/Early Career Representative (Ordinary Member) - Dr Libby Sallnow (UK). Term ending October 2019

  • Regional Representative (Ordinary Member) - Dr. Emilio Herrera (Spain)

  • Regional Representative (Ordinary Member) - Dr Suresh Kumar (India)

  • Conference Representative - Prof Debbie Horsfall (Australia)



Prof Allan Kellehear is a 50th Anniversary Professor (End-of-Life Care) at the University of Bradford, UK. He is a medical and public health sociologist. Founder of the world’s first academic public health palliative care unit in Australia in the 1990s, he also wrote some of the first academic literature expounding the public health approach to palliative care, and co-founded (with Sallnow and Kumar) the Public Health Palliative Care Conference Series. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, and President of the Association for the Study of Death and Society(ASDS) and Public Health Palliative Care International.


Dr Julian Abel- Vice President

I have been a consultant in palliative care since 2001, working initially at a district general hospital and a hospice. Over the last 6 years I have been involved in finding ways of building compassionate communities around people at end of life. With varying degrees of success, I have tried to do this at local, regional, national and international levels. I was the chair of the organising committee for the 4th International Conference Pubic Health and Palliative Care, held in Bristol in 2015. I am vice president of PHPCI and Chair of the U.K branch.



Currently chief executive, Richard House Children’s Hospice, London.  In post since 1999. Previously, operations manager for cancer services (adults), Barts Health NHS Trust, London. Peter currently chairs Children’s Hospices across London (CHaL) – a company and charity comprising 6 children’s hospices that serve London, the Engaging Communities Action Group (on behalf of Together for Short Lives (TfSL) – introducing public health approach in children’s palliative care across England and Gasworks Dock Partnership (community project in Newham, East London). Peter previously chaired Children’s Hospices UK (now TfSL) (2003-2007) and London City YMCA (1997 – 2003). His other roles include Trustee of Hospice UK (2008 and 2012)



Bonnie Tompkins holds a Bachelor of Public Health specialising in Palliative Care. She works at Pallium Canada as the Compassionate Communities National Lead focusing on mobilising Compassionate Communities (CC) across Canada.She has lead two compassionate community initiative in Burlington and Niagara West Ontario, Canada.  She sits on the steering committee for the Ontario Caregivers Coalition, contributor to, piloting undergrad certification regarding the palliative care approach and CC with Brock University, and collaborates with colleagues around the world. Her interest in palliative care developed through personal experiences as a caregiver to her late partner who died while completing her BPH.

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Krystyna Kongats - General secretary

Krystyna Kongatsis a PhD Candidate in health promotion and an instructor with the School of Public Health, University of Alberta, Canada. Her research interests include health-promoting approaches to palliative care, community capacity building, and healthy public policy. As an applied researcher, Krystyna’s approach to research is rooted in participatory and community-based perspectives. She is also a consortium member of the International Collaboration for Participatory Health Research. Krystyna’s doctoral work, a partnership with a local hospice in Toronto, explores the impact of a neighbourhood compassionate communities model using participatory, arts-based methods.



Kerrie Noonan is a cofounder and director of The GroundSwell Project, a social researcher and a clinical psychologist in palliative care. Kerrie has a long-standing interest in capacity building approaches to death, dying and bereavement, palliative care and how people can build their death literacy. With interests in health promotion, capacity building, social media, creativity and innovation Kerrie is passionate about the role that the arts can play in facilitating social and cultural change about death and dying. Kerrie is a member of the caring at end of life research group at Western Sydney University. 



Dr Marshall has been affiliated with McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario Canada,  as a professor of Palliative Care since 1989. She has held several positions at McMaster including inaugural Director of the Division of Palliative Care, and Assistant Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences.  She is founder of both the Niagara West Palliative Care Team and McNally House Hospice, in the Niagara region of Ontario, where much of her clinical work has been located for the past 17 years. After returning from sabbatical in 2014, where she explored Palliative Care as Public Health, she has assumed new provincial and national leadership roles in Palliative Care. Most recently, she has joined Pallium Canada, with funding from Health Canada, to forward a national agenda around Palliative Care as Public Health with particular emphasis on the Compassionate Communities model.


DR LIBBY SALLNOW - post Graduate Representative

Libby Sallnow is a palliative medicine doctor with a PhD in community engagement in end of life care. She is the research fellow at St Joseph’s Hospice, London and a doctoral student at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests include a public health approach to end of life care, the role volunteers can play in end of life care, benefits of collaboration for communities and hospices, developing new models of engagement and compassionate communities. She has experience of working with innovative programmes exploring these issues both in the UK and internationally and has published books and articles on this field.


Prof Debbie Horsfall - conference representative

Debbie is passionate about teaching, researching and living in ways which work against domination and oppression of people and planet. Her transformative agenda is informed by creativity, inclusivity, and a politics of hope. She has over 25 years' experience as an academic teaching and researching with people from a community development and relationship-building perspective. In teaching this means being informed by critical pedagogies and experiential, student centred practices. In research she pioneered photo-voice research in end of life and aged care research; writing creatively, critical creativity and performance ethnography in social care and community work. She is a recognised research leader at Western Sydney University with research income of $620 000 from 7 funded projects, including an ARC Linkage Grant, over the past 6 years.

All of her research is partnership, community based and applied. This has included leading interdisciplinary teams in aged care, mental health and end of life research. She has a substantial portfolio of seventy-eight (78) scholarly publications including: 5 (co) edited books and monographs, 27 book chapters, 3 creative works, 17 research reports and 26 refereed journal articles.  She has served on several editorial boards, co-edited and contributed to 7 scholarly research books, and is continually approached as a reviewer, assessor and examiner across disciplinary fields. Her current research explores the development of networks of care and sustainable, compassionate communities in end of life and mental health care.


Dr EMILIO HERRERA - Regional Representative

Dr. Emilio Herrera is President of New Health Foundation (NHF) - a non-profit Spanish institution which seeks to promote new models of health and social care integration, in particular in the areas of advanced chronic illness and palliative care ( Emilio is an expert in palliative care, with a long-standing experience in planning and implementing palliative care and integrated health and social care programmes in Spain and Latin America. Due to all this work, he has received various national and international awards, including the international "Palliative Care Policy Development Award 2015" granted by the European Journal of Palliative Care.  At the moment, the NHF is heavily involved in the development of palliative care programmes in Colombia. In Spain, it has also set up the Observatory of Integrated Care Models (OMIS) in order to identify and make visible current experiences of health and social care coordination and integration, and to translate knowledge and create synergies. Finally, the NHF is developing the social movement Compassionate Communities and Cities through the setting up of the project “Todos Contigo” in several cities of Spain and Latin America.


DR SURESH KUMAR - Regional Representative 

Dr Suresh Kumar is the Founder Director of Institute of Palliative Medicine in Kerala, India, the first WHO Collaborating Center in Palliative Care in Low and Middle Income Countries. Dr Kumar is a palliative care physician and sociologist by training. He has been active in the community based palliative care scene internationally for more than two decades. He is now actively involved in palliative care projects in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Bangladesh in addition to playing a key role in community based palliative care programs at multiple sites in India.