Current PHPCI members

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If you have a concern regarding the use of this membership list, please contact Bonnie Tompkins

First Name Last  Name Email Address Country City
Therese Engeler Australia Sheldon Queensland
Andrea Grindrod Australia Kallista,
Dr. Claire Hepper Australia
Jennifer Hissey Australia Albany,
Elizabeth Levido Australia New South Wales
F Lynch Australia Albany,
Simon Menelaws Australia Peregian Beach,
Shyla Mills Australia The Gap
Kerrie Noonan Australia Woodford
Dr John Rosenberg Australia Brighton
Dr Annetta Mallon Australia Blackwall
Aiman Ali Canada Mississauga,
Dr. Amit Arya Canada Mississauga
Karen Cook Canada Vancouver
Dr. Agustina Gancia Canada Montreal
Pamela Grassau Canada Ottawa
Jodi Pereira Canada Mississauga
Mary Lou Kelley Canada Thunder Bay
Dr. Agnes Kluz Canada Seaforth
Jim Nininger Canada Ottawa
Bonnie Tompkins Canada Ottawa
Louise Clapton Great Britian Winsley
Giovanna Cruz Isle of Man
Sarah McGhee Isle of Man
Anne Mills Isle of Man
Wendy Smith Isle of Man
Tomoyuki Dobata JP
Merryn Gott New Zealand Auckland
Vicki Jones New Zealand Ngahinapouri
Leonie Gallaher New Zealand Whangarei
Dr. Temitope Olamuyiwa Nigeria port harcourt,
Mrs. Rebecca Lloyd Scotland Edinburgh
Sabine Millius Switzerland Dübendorf
Barbara Gale United Kingdom Bury St Edmunds
anita mallon United Kingdom Dungannon
Dr. Chantal Meystre United Kingdom Kenilwoth
Kimberley St John United Kingdom London
Mrs. Ruth White United Kingdom Waterlooville
Maggie Piper United States NYC
Gregory Schneider United States Antioch,
Mary Ann Boe US Clear Lake