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Webinar: Dr. Libby Sallnow - Understanding and Evaluating Compassionate Community Initiatives

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Dr. Libby Sallnow: Senior Clinical Lecturer, UCL, UK

Consultant in Palliative Medicine CNWL, London and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, UCL

Title: Understanding and Evaluating Compassionate Community Initiatives

Theme:  Measurement and Evaluation

Audience: Compassionate Community initiatives

Date: November 20th 2018

Time: 12h00-1:30 London, UK

This webinar will cover ideas on how to understand and evaluate your Compassionate Community/City initiative. The techniques covered in this webinar are designed for initiatives who are using tools or frameworks to achieve Health Promotion Palliative Care,  such as the Compassionate City Charter. There will be time after the presentation for Dr. Sallnow to take questions as well.


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Webinar: Dr. Libby Sallnow
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